Meet Dr Lucas

Meet Dr Travers Lucas

Dr Travers Lucas’ professional career now spanning over 20 years has included practicing at Geelong West and Lara as an associate, then moving on to run his own successful practice in Scoresby which he operated for over 8 years.

Why Specifically Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)?

Through this time, I was learning more about the teachings that resonated with me. Most predominantly from NSA developer, Dr Donny Epstein. This was through a US Chiropractic Program which brought together the greatest minds in Chiropractic, healing and health worldwide.

I was practicing with standard chiropractic techniques and got results symptomatically, but sensed there was more I could be doing and providing for my patients. By learning from Dr Epstein, it lead me to the path that I was searching for. One that provided for the philosophical premise of chiropractic that health, wellbeing and the life we live, are interrelated and that health comes from within. So many of the health issues we experience come from the lifestyle stress we have and have had.

Our biology knows how to heal us and make us well, NSA is a vehicle that can allow that to happen. It is a gentle but powerful approach to healing, health and wellness.

“Through the powerful results of NSA, the body has an incredible capacity to heal, regenenerate and revitalise.”
– Dr Travers Lucas

Outside of Work

Travers enjoys educating himself on all things relating to maximising his life and the life of others. He regularly meditates, practices Yoga, and attends the gym as an ongoing commitment to his healthy lifestyle.

Being a true Melbournian, he is also keen AFL fan and a passionate Collingwood supporter.

Dr Lucas is a 1996 RMIT graduate and a highly experienced practitioner. He practice’s with the utmost respect for your privacy and individuality and guarantees to always act with an unwavering commitment to helping you achieve your goals. Synergy Chiropractic invite you and those you care about to try the Network experience. You can take control of your life, expressing and living it in new and empowering ways.

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