About Us

About Synergy Chiropractic

At Synergy Chiropractic our focus is on you, your goals and objectives. You won’t be treated like a number, like you’re on a conveyor belt or pushed into care you don’t want.

Our Why

The reason we do what we do is that many people are unnecessarily in pain, suffering, just getting by, struggling to get through the day, week or month, or not feeling well within themselves emotionally or mentally. We can change that for them and that’s our core focus and motivation.

In the fast pace of life today we experience much lifestyle stress, such as constantly hunching over devices ‘text neck’, are bombarded with more information in a day than people were in a lifetime 100 years ago, and not to mention the many emotional and mental stresses and strains we encounter. These stresses lock tension into the spinal system, misalign the spine and produce a defence posture and reduce the body’s capacity to self heal.

Pain is often an inevitable result, but it also contracts us on other levels as well. As we start releasing the stress and tension from your spine, not only may your pain or symptom resolve but it may reinvigorate your whole system.

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