About Network Spinal Analysis

About Network Spinal Analysis page

Dr Travers practices a technique called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), seeing profound changes and experiences as a direct result of utilising this revolutionary technique.

NSA is a gentle technique that delivers results proven successful, long lasting and with absolutely no risks that people tend to associate with heavier chiropractic techniques. There is NO cracking or manual manipulation and your entrainment (nerve system adjustment) consists of very light touches along your spine whilst you’re lying comfortably and fully clothed. It is an approach to healing, health and wellbeing that can help manage and significantly reduce the stress and tension within your body.

Dr Lucas uses very low-force touch, enabling the brain and spine to communicate effectively, creating Network’s unique healing ‘wave’; coaching the nervous system, it promotes the spine to correct itself throughout the areas that have previously held injury, pain, or trauma.

Discover how utilising NSA as your method of care may be of immense benefit to you! Contact us today to discover more.