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What would you love to change? Pain? anxiety? stress? headaches? Or enhanced levels of health and wellness?

We are here to change your situation

At synergy we can help you. If you are tired of feeling the way you do, whether through pain, too much stress, or not having enough spark to get you through the day, we are here to help you change your situation. Our approach is comprehensive using state of the art technology to ensure your needs are best met.

No Cracking Involved or Required

We aim to deliver you the absolute best of care chiropractic has to offer with care that won't just relieve pain but but help energise and revitalise your whole system. With over 20 years experience Dr Travers Lucas specialises in an evidence based, highly research backed technique called Network Spinal Analysis, which is an ever evolving, gentle, low force technique which can deliver profound results.In a worldwide study involving just under 3000 participants 76% of respondents reported statistically significant results in 4domains of wellness:

Physical: including physical pain and symptoms and more energy
Mental/emotional wellbeing including more restful emotions
Stress Levels and Stress Handling
Life enjoyment & overall quality of life

So whether you are after relief, or more, we’re here to help. Call us now on 59757273 to schedule your appointment and get started right away on your path to feeling and performing better.